My thoughts on barren grounds

Barren grounds is about two kids , About twelve years old who had eight foster homes and Morgan, the older of the two was mad because she had eight foster homes. And the other one was younger and always had a drawing pad . So my thoughts are that they are good kids with bad parents.

My life in 6th Grade

Hello, my name is Jack  and my hobbies include football, baseball, watching tv, and school. I am very blessed with a good family , nice home, and food on my table every night . My mom is a preschool- 8th grade principal, and my dad is a HS math and algebra teacher, and football and baseball coach. I was born  Carrollton, TX , my dad was born somewhere in Missouri , and my mom was born in North Carolina. Being good at math runs in my family. In 6th Grade I  have kind of been stressed out with my grades, especially since I am still recovering from strep throat. I am obsessed with memes.