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I am very exited for summer because I get to play baseball and have more recuperation instead of more school, now don’t get me wrong  school can be fun. Such as the lock-in  and the class trip, we also had the ice cream social which was great, other than that we had some good classes like smartlab, theology and science. Overall it has been a great year and I hope that 7th grade is better. one more thing that I am really exited for is football because I was pretty good at it last year, I can’t wait to make an impact next year. have a good summer!


Week 5-6 questions

Sophie is courageous because she faces the giants without fear.

My personal goal for this summer is to be the best person on the foot ball team.

I would give it a 4 star rating because the pictures and images in my head are funny.

the chapter I think is coura-genius

bfg week three-four book club question

The change of heart happens when the giants interrogate the bfg asking “where is the human bean”.

the bfg responds by letting the other giants bully him because he is trying to save Sophie

Just walk away and if they say something hurtful just respond with words and report it.

The BFG week 2

  1. The strange friendship in the BFG is between the giant and Sophie, as the giant talks to Sophie she realizes that he is not as bad as she thought he would be and he explained that the other giants are different and that he would not eat her.
  2. A had a friendship on my new baseball team and I wasn’t sure if it would work out but we started talking and we actually  got along great and still do.
  3. how do you know when you have a good friendship with another friend.

The BFG Questions

  1.  My first impressions of this novel are that it is different then the other books I have read by this author and that it is exiting especially during the witching hour as the Giant and others come out while every human except Sophia is in a deep sleep and the giant is holding a trumpet, which I think is funny. I can relate to this because one time I woke up at the witching hour (3am) and there was a weird shadow which just so happened to be my neighbors chimney.
  2. I have met Sophie and the Giant Sophie is scared by the giant and the giant has not met when the giant does meet Sophia he will probably act weird because he has never seen  human during the witching hour which should not happen but I might not know since I have only read four chapters so it might so be that there is one human who is awake during every witching hour. And maybe this is the first time a giant has seen one so he is surprised to see Sophia for the first time. Or maybe it’s the giants first time to see anybody.
  3. What else happens during the witching hour, what comes out are there zombies, ogres, witches, vampires, what else comes out during the witching hour, when is the witching hour is it rare like a lunar eclipse or does it happen everyday?

Hello Friends From Texas

Hello friends in Atchison, KS,

My name is Jack and I go to Prince of Peace Christian School in Carrollton, TX. your school mascot is the falcons, our is the eagles. The temperature in the summer can get as high as 110 degrees F, the temperature in winter can get as low as 10 degrees F. the average summer weather is 95-100 degrees, the average winter weather is 50 degrees. There are about 30 students in 6th grade and 632 in all. Our school was founded in 1980 and before we were a school this was a car wash. This school has a wide variety of sports you can play, right now we’re in our spring season and I play baseball, our first game is this Friday. My favorite lunch at school is our pizza. Our state founded six flags because six countries have ruled over Texas.

Regret #100wc 20


When I first started playing guitar I said to myself ” wow I am horrible at playing guitar so I took a break, but that ‘break’ turned into a week, then that week turned into a month, and then the month turned into a year.” Then I walked by my guitar on the stand and I shoved it over, but I felt regret doing that so I tried playing one more time so then after a couple weeks I got used to practicing on my guitar and then I actually got very extraordinary at playing then one day I wanted a cheese burger without mustard.+

When the Hog Became President #100 wc 18

When he was a young warthog he swallowed a key and then he regurgitated the key and spat it on to a couple leaves then Donald trump asked him “what’s wrong wart” the warthog replied “nothing I, just regurgitated a key.” Then Donald trump said oh, ok” then the hog “asked him what do you do” Trump replied I am running for President in 2024, you should too.” The hog said ” me?” Trump said yeah, you would get a lot of votes because you would be the first animal to run for president. Ok Donald I will Run for president in 2024!

It’s Not Like Last Year I Thought, 100 wc #17

It’s not like last year I thought, I have to keep up with my grades, now I have sports to take care of. I do  remember how exited I was to start the new school year. Then I realized school weighed heavily on me and the stress was building up so much it had gotten into my dreams. I was in New York and I was in a Yellow Taxi and it was taking me to school because my parents were in Florida. I more homework than I had ever had before it was like I was at the bottom of a waterfall of homework